Makhani Tikka Simmer Sauce

Makhani Tikka Simmer Sauce


Our Makhani Tikka Simmer Sauce is just the perfect umami taste! Tomatoey, tangy, and a touch of honey - this is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Works as a perfect base for cooking a quick curry meal with any kind of meat and/or protein.

Veggies + Protein + Sauce + Simmer = Deliciousness!

Serve over grains or not. Nan on the side is fantastic!

Our simmers sauces are a quick, easy way to prepare delicious, healthful meals! Or surprise us in how you use them - on your pizza? Or soup? We love to hear from you!

Calcutta Kitchens Premium Indian Simmer Sauces are made here in the USA with all natural ingredients. We pride in bringing pure, simple, balanced Indian home cooking flavors to the American table. 

Ing: Pureed tomatoes, Butter, Ginger, Garlic, Honey, Salt, Sugar & Spices

Vegetarian. Gluten Free.


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